Site for the management company MUP SPDU

Design, Web Development

About the project

MUP SPDU is the largest municipal management company in Izhevsk, Russia. They control about 400 residential apartment buildings. Hundreds of people visit the site every day to solve utility problems and provide feedback.

During development, we learned all the stages of the company’s work and standarts for creating state sites and sites for management companies.


The site is created with the Single-page Application approach with a RESTful backend. Now the user doesn't wait for pages to load when navigating the site, and enjoys our fast, and most importantly, convenient interfaces in Angular.

The frontend application is developed using the modern JavaScript Angular framework. NgRx provides storage and management of application-level data.

For correct indexing of the site in search engines, the Server-side rendering technology of the client-side based on Node.JS and Angular Universal.

Adaptive version

Content Management System

The site’s functionality has a large number of unique features, so we have developed a convenient system for managing all sections of the site.